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Me and my gorgeous family

My name is Sandra Hobbs and I am sixty-three years old.  
I am a self-employed Orchardist and have been for twenty-eight years.

My kids told me I should start a blog and eventually I agreed.

Apparently I need to write an updated “About Me” page as the previous one was five years old so obviously a wee bit outdated.

So here goes…..

I am in Partnership with my kids Sam, twenty-six, and Ruby, twenty-three, and I have to say, life is pretty darn good.
Sam manages the Orchard and Ruby runs the Fruit Stall with my assistance from the beginning of December through to early June and then works on the Orchard, pruning, thinning and other chores with her brother.
I am way too old for all the physical work these days….

I have a gorgeous daughter, Belle, who has Down Syndrome so my days are full with her activities.
The Wiggles are her heroes so I know every song they have ever sung and every dance movement they have ever danced.
Belle is a treasured member of our family and she adores her brother and sister and vice versa.

I was widowed at fifty-seven and my Alzheimers Mum who lived with us for over four years, died of a broken heart eleven weeks after my husband.  From the moment my husband died until her death she sang songs to him, cried for him to come home and spoke to him as if he was in the room.  She had been silent, prior for a year, so this came as a surprise…actually if I am honest I always thought she was still with us…. 

Throughout the past forty years I have acted as an advocate/support person for many, a role I take seriously.
I have enough life experiences to be qualified in the role of guiding folk through the journey of life.
Feel free to frolic through my blog and read whatever takes your fancy.

                                 Peace and love always


5 Responses to About Me

  • Katrina:

    Hi Hun this is very good!
    Love u!

  • Sally and Pete:

    Love the blog Sandra!!
    Great to see you’re back into writing.

  • Dave and Pam:

    Hi Sandra

    We are pleased that you, Sam and Ruby are carrying on with the business that both you and Alex built up and I love the new name
    Hobbs Family Partnership Orchard and Fruitstall.
    Will catch up when we are down your way next.
    All the best.

  • Sue:

    Hello Sandra. I’m a widow myself and I admire your strength and courage. Will keep reading.


  • Sarah:

    Hi Sandra
    I found your blog by sheer chance and am now a follower.
    I was widowed four years ago and my family is sick of me talking about my late husband. They accuse me of being depressed and that I should go see a Doctor.
    I am not depressed and I am fascinated with how their judgment is that I must be only because I talk about the wonderful memories I have of their father. Apparently I should ignore those forty years. I raised two very selfish kids.
    You bring up Alex randomly in your writings, which is so comforting for me.


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