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Dear Aunty S

My adult son  arrived home recently after this virus caused him to become redundant and as he can’t afford his mortgage anymore, he has rented his house out so is now homeless.
He moved into the self-contained flat downstairs but insists on coming upstairs every night to watch TV with us.
My husband is happy to have him home as they go hunting together.
I am finding it a struggle to cope with his everyday presence as he hasn’t lived at home for nearly twenty years.
I miss my old life without him.
I really want him to go and have asked a friend if she could board him and she has agreed.
My husband is furious with me as he wants him to stay and has told me I should be the one to go.
I have never seen him so angry.
He simply will not see how this disruption is affecting me.
How can I make him see sense?

Aunty S responds

Wow…your son, like many thousands here and around the world, have had their lives turned upside down, the last thing he needs is to have a cold indifferent mother.
Where is your compassion my dear?
Yes he may stay a few months, so what, he is your son.
Through no fault of his own he is jobless, his profession being one of the hardest hit.
Think very carefully before you throw him out, as everything we do in life has consequences,  rejecting your son in his hour of need will obviously devastate him and will most certainly cause a rift between you and your husband.
Your husband has every right to insist on your son staying, as it’s his home too.
It really depends who yells the loudest as to who wins this war, and if you do win, you will probably lose my dear.
Have a long think before you do something you will regret.

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