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Dear Aunty S

My mother in law is horrible to me but is nice when in front of my husband while talking to me.
I have never told my husband as he loves his Mum but now I am pregnant I feel the time is right to tell him.
What do you think?

Aunty S responds

Okay…. your mother-in-law doesn’t like you and is a bit of a witch.
My dear girl she wants you to tell her son so there will be a scene, she’ll burst into a flood of tears and your husband will be torn between the two of you and a long-running drama will commence.
Relatives will choose sides ….her cat will snub you…..
My darling girl, do nothing.
Some mother-in-laws are angels from heaven while some are witches from hell.
Some mellow as time goes by, while others sharpen their knives.
If she changes, how nice, if she doesn’t, don’t worry about it.
And remember you are not alone as there are many women out there with the same struggle.
Contact me anytime.

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