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Dear Aunty S

My sister is having a big white wedding paid for by our parents, they are so proud of her as this is her first marriage so are going all out.
It doesn’t matter she’s had four other long term relationships, apparently they don’t count as she never married any of them.
I am so angry and upset as they never offered to pay for my second marriage. \
My first husband cheated and broke the heart of myself and our children but we now have a wonderful man in our lives who they will not accept as family as he only my second husband.
How do I get over this feeling of anger?

Aunty S responds 

My darling girl you have every right to feel angry but I think you probably feel more sad than angry.
Some parents are either silly, wicked or both for playing favourites.
You have found joy and happiness in life, something some folk never find.
The fact they don’t accept your second husband is disgraceful so if it was me I would pull up lame on the morning of the Wedding with a phone call to the folks stating you have all come down with a vomiting bug and obviously have to give the wedding a miss.  “So sorry”
Pack a picnic lunch and head off to the beach for the day.
Keep enjoying that lovely family of yours.

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