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Dear Aunty S

After years of coping with my daughter’s erratic behaviour, she has finally been diagnosed with a serious mental disorder but now won’t keep on her medication because she misses her former self.
She is manipulative and has played the victim card all of her life and now she is telling everyone that I lied to the psychiatrist and he believed me, this is why she got the diagnosis.
I was not even at the appointment yet people believe her even her own Grandmother, my mother, this is how convincing she is!
She has stolen from us since she was very young and now she is in the workforce  I was told she has been accused of stealing but her employer couldn’t prove it.
I am worried what will happen if she loses her job?
Recently her Grandmother asked her to move in with her but I am discouraging it as she might wear her out as she is in her late fifties.
What should I do?

Aunty S responds:

She refuses to take her medication and is a liar, what a dangerous combination!
You need a break from all this drama my dear so help pack her bags and move her in with Grandma.
If it turns to custard, so be it, at least your mother will see your daughter is mentally unwell which will help you in the long run as she will be supportive while you work on Plan B to keep your daughter safe and well.
It may be a long journey as you well and truly recognize.
Life can be so unfair at times.
Just take each day as it comes.
Take good care of yourself and keep in contact.

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