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Dear Aunty S

I have never felt the need to drink alcohol as I enjoy the company of others as socialising is my thing but I have a problem with those who try to push alcohol on me.
Some comments are really cruel.
“Party pooper’ or ‘stick in the mud” or “won’t your mummy let you drink” Or the one that really hurts, “So this is why your husband left you?”
What can I say to shut people up as I really could become anti-social which would make me sad.

Aunty S responds

Okay what works for me is probably a bit over the top but it does the trick!
In a deadpan voice say, “I have an allergy to alcohol, it causes me to vomit uncontrollably and once my bowels start, look out”
Trust me you will never be offered another drink, asked why you don’t drink or ever have anyone force a drink on you ever again.
Tried and true……

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