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Dear Aunty S

My thirteen year old son threatens to run away from home every time I refuse to buy him what he demands so I end up giving in to his demands.
He excels at sport, is an A grade student, has really nice friends, yet he acts like a brat at home.
Our other kids are sick of his drama and now my husband and I are fighting all the time.
I know I have spoilt him but our other children, were brought up the same way and they aren’t obnoxious.
Any tips?

Aunty S responds:

Okay Mum…….no more giving in to him, you are creating a monster.
He is a bright kid, he knows he has a lot to lose if he runs away and where would he run too anyway?
Call his bluff.
Tell him if he wants to run away, that is fine, but he must understand when he is picked up by the Police he will be put in the care of the Government and will be placed in a Foster Home.
He will lose his friends as their parents won’t want them to be associating with a delinquent.
Scare the daylights out of him!
In time he will most probably settle down and behave himself especially when he realises he is acting like a fool and blowing his future.
All you can do is try your best my dear.
The rest is up to him.

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