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Dear Aunty S

My mother in law is in the early stages of dementia and none of her direct family want to know! 
They keep making excuses for her irrational behaviour.
My husband knows she is losing the plot but says he doesn’t want to be the first one stating the obvious.
She is driving erratically and arrives at our house and forgets where she is.
For her safety we have to sort this out.
First off her licence needs to be cancelled and there needs to be a good long look at her home safety issues as she has already had two stove fires.
She nudged the freezer into the wall when she drove into her garage recently.
The list goes on.
What should I do?

Aunty S responds

Your husband and the rest of his family sound like they will never take their heads out of the sand so it is up to you my dear.
Approach her Doctor and explain what is going on, especially about her erratic driving, stove fires and freezer nudge.
If the Doctor isn’t interested in what you have to say and refuses to take away her licence, politely state that you will be contacting the Police for advice.
If you get nowhere contact me again as I have a Plan B.

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