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Dear Aunty S

My daughter used to be a healthy weight but after a few unfortunate relationships and a few kids she has taken to living on coffee, coke, chocolate and potato crisps to control her weight so her health has crashed.
She gets the shakes, muscle spasms and head aches and can’t function at work and recently lost her job after her long suffering employer couldn’t cope with her ‘illness’ any longer.
Recently she sent the kids to live with their respective fathers because she can’t cope with them.
I am fed up with all the Doctors she has seen because not one of them has asked about her diet.
She is self-destructing before my eyes and won’t listen to me so how can I help her?


Aunty S responds

Your daughter is unwell and needs professional help but until she comes clean with her Doctor, she won’t be referred to the correct Specialist.
I have sent you an email with more detail.
We will sort this out my dear and remember I am only a click away.

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