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Dear Aunty S

My daughter in law feeds one of her children certain foods even though she knows they trigger an asthma attack.
I believe she does it to bring attention to herself as she dramatically rushes the child to the Hospital –phoning a neighbor to mind the other children, organizing friends to go to the Hospital to support her and then posts it on Facebook so as to gain sympathy.
I have told her what she is doing is dangerous but she always responds with, “my children, my business.”

She explains it away to my son by saying that having an asthma attack and a bit of time on the ventilator is worth it as their child loves these foods and feels upset when excluded from them all the time.
He has told her over and over again to stop but she won’t.
Much to my horror the Hospital has never asked why the attacks are happening even though it is documented that certain foods trigger them.
What can I do to help my grandchild?


Aunty S responds 

It is time for your son to put his big boy pants on and stand up to her but first he must make an appointment with the Family Doctor to give him the heads up as to what is going on.
There is no time to waste my dear.

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