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Dear Aunty S

My friends and I are going to a Male Strip show next week and my husband is being nasty about it. He says our boys will be embarrassed if their friends find out.

It’s just a bit of fun.

What do you think?


Aunty S responds

If you are quite happy to wave goodbye to your husband if he decides to go out with the boys to a Strip Club, I don’t think there is anything wrong with your decision.

Your kids will recover from the embarrassment should their friends find out.

Thirty-five years ago a friend of mine was photographed whilst standing in a line waiting for the doors to open to a similar show. The photo was placed on the front page of our local Paper much to the embarrassment of her sons. Her husband laughed and thought it a great joke. As her sons were of a similar age to the strippers, they struggled to understand how their Mother would find boys of their age taking their clothes as entertaining.

It’s a different world now; anything and everything is acceptable so maybe your boys will be fine with it but I think you should ask them how they feel first.

My old friend wishes she had.

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