Old Age Rant

Oh my giddy Aunt……I have liver spots on my hands and arms.
Apparently nothing to do with the liver; it’s all to do with old age.
Sixty-one is just around the corner so of course I am old so why should I miss the glory of liver spots.
I remember a dear old friend who would have been a whole fifty-five at the time, telling me how she hated her brown spots and how she was using peroxide to fade them!!
What a drastic solution I thought at the time.
I should have told her how they looked fine but I didn’t because I was taken aback but in my defence, I was young and oblivious to how sad she must have felt at the prospect of growing old alone because at that point in my life I had absolutely no knowledge as to how sad widowhood could be.
I embrace my liver spots, my sagging middle, my padded back brace; which keeps me upright, and all the other body bits that are being affected by old age.
Each and every morning I look in the mirror and still recognize it’s me in this aging body which is differing from week to week.
How lucky I am to still be on Planet Earth and how lucky I am to have such a wonderful family.

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