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Dear Aunty S

My daughter in law has been diagnosed with an illness, which means she will be in a wheelchair in a year or two.
My son is young and only married her when she got pregnant so he thinks it’s best if the marriage ends now as he doesn’t love her enough to cope with her illness.   He has told her to go but she won’t. The kids are young so they will not miss my son.
I have told her she is being selfish but she refuses to listen and says if he wants to go, he can but she is not leaving.
How do I make her realize my son doesn’t want her?


Aunty S responds

Why should your daughter-in-law leave her home??
If your son wants the single life he should be the one to leave.
What a callous young man you have raised; I’m sure you must feel such parental pride every time you gaze into his eyes.
Your daughter-in-law hasn’t been given a death sentence so what is all the drama about?  Isn’t it just an excuse for your son to get rid of her.
Take a deep breathe before you say another unkind word to your daughter-in-law.
Over and out.

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