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Dear Aunty S

I gave up work when my son was born but I really hate being home alone with my baby. I’m definitely not depressed, just lonely.

I tried going to a mother’s group but I was shocked by the immaturity of these silly little girls.

My husband says I should stay at home until our baby is at least three. I am starting to look at him different even though he is a wonderful husband and I really love him but he can’t see what the loneliness is doing to me.

I want to go back to work as I miss my job, which had been my life for ten years.

A really great daycare had been recommended and they can take my baby immediately.

Am I being selfish?


Aunty S responds

Oh my darling girl, you are not being selfish.

You are a brave wonderful young Mum with real feelings of anguish, which I understand.

Ring your Employer and tell him/her you can start immediately.

Ring the Daycare and book your darling baby in.

It is your call whether you go back to work not your husband’s. Don’t lose your identity.

Your husband is a good man; just a wee bit immature/naïve/silly/being a plonker/you love him/forgive his ignorance/love him to bits ……

Many women can’t face the loneliness of caring for a new baby.

In the old days mothers or kind mother-in-laws were there to offer support.

Those days are well and truly over as these older women are busy with their jobs/careers.

Mumsy groups have their place but they can suck the life out of you.
Personally I would rather burn holes in my toenails with a naked flame than attend one.

Remember always, your mental well-being is paramount.

You are not going down the depression black hole on my watch my dear.

Get to work!!

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