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Dear Aunty S

When I was widowed a few years ago, life was very difficult as my husband left huge debts.

If he had lived there would have been no issue as he always worked with a high debt load and some how managed to get through.

I decided to mortgage my house to pay them off and then worked two jobs to be mortgage free again as quickly as possible.

Now the mortgage is finally paid off I decided to sell up and move as I was offered a small fortune for my home, which I accepted, which means the rest of my life will be financially secure.

I have a problem now as my son is demanding I lend him over a hundred thousand dollars and he says he will pay a good interest rate.

I have told him I won’t be lending him a cent as we loaned him more than that many years ago so he could start up a business and he never paid us back a cent.

He walked away from me when my husband died when he found out I was in financial trouble.

How do I stop him harassing me?

Am I being selfish?


Aunty S responds

No my dear girl you are not being selfish.

You are a wise woman and quite simply you cannot afford to risk your financial future so tell him that your Lawyer has advised you very strongly not to make a family loan at your age.

I advise many folk to use this ‘little white lie’ as it works every time.

I am sure he will back off and you will probably see the smoke from his spinning tyres as he drives ever so fast down your driveway after you tell him..

He walked out of your life when your husband died so he can’t really hurt you anymore.

Enjoy your new life.

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