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Dear Aunty S

We moved house recently and one neighbour has turned out to be nosy and abusive.
The other neighbours we can’t actually see because of a six foot fence but this man cut his side down to four feet before we moved in.
When my young children are playing in the backyard he is continually swearing at them to shut up and leans right over the fence scaring them.
I tried calmly talking to him but he just laughs in my face and says he will call the Police and say we are abusing him.
What can I do to stop him?

Aunty S responds:

An elderly bully is the worst kind as they usually have quite a record at destroying lives.
But this is 2019 and we have cameras of all sorts.
Install a Trail camera that records sound and run it for a few days. When you have continual footage showing him abusing the kids call the Police and explain what is happening.
I am sure the Police will have a word with him which should shut him down.
Don’t take the camera down just incase he keeps the abuse up.  A second visit from the Police will probably totally flabbergast him.
And show family and friends the footage.
Moral support is vital in cases like this.

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