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Dear Aunty S

Recently I retired from the country to a suburb in a good part of my local city.
All the neighbouring homes are worth more than two million dollars so I assumed there would be nice neighbours so I didn’t direct any questions to the Realtor as to why the owners were selling.
I should have.
Now I know why they sold, my neighbours are loud, rude and abusive when drunk and this is all the time.
Their back deck looks into my backyard and the neighbour on the other side told me they cut the trees in my backyard when the previous owner were on holiday so they could look directly into it and hurl abuse at them.
When they returned from holiday they were devastated so decided to sell.
Now I am stuck with these obnoxious neighbours.
They told another neighbour how I sunbathe in the nude and I hang my washing out in the nude.
Of course I do not do either.
Hopefully nobody will believe them.
My children want me to sell as they don’t like me living beside them.
My son says he will move in with me until it sells, he doesn’t want me to be alone.
What do you think?

Aunty S responds

Listen to your kids my dear…sell up my dear….its not worth the stress.
And what a great son, take him up on his offer today.
This house will sell quickly as its in a prime position.
Your neighbours are nothing but vile bullies.
And use the same Realtor, tell him your life is a misery and you need to have it sold now.
He will get a huge commission so he will fall over himself to get a sale.

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