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More on Bullying

Even though ‘bullying’ is discussed more and more these days I’m afraid there is still a minority who assume it will never affect them or their families.

A very sad father, who rang me during the weekend, admitted he was part of this minority until recently when his son revealed to him that he was being bullied by a work colleague whom he had caught stealing.

Over a period of days it escalated, with the bully intimidating and lying about his son so as to counter the truth should the young man report him to Management.

The bully went, as far to tell the young man, even his own father wouldn’t believe him by the time he had finished with him. His threats were frightening.

Thankfully he recorded this on his cell phone.

As a bully will always try and isolate his or her victims, this cell phone recording gave him the courage to approach his Dad for help as he had started to doubt whether anyone would believe him.

To cut a very long story short this situation will be sorted within the next day or two.

Many folk assume, bullying is a young person’s game.

How wrong they are.

Older bullies have power because of their age, as they are more likely to be believed.

One must tread very carefully to expose the older bully/bullies as they usually have quite a history of bullying under their belts and are well and truly experienced in the art of lying and manipulating the truth.

But it can be done, trust me.

We all must take a stand against bullies regardless of their age or social status.



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