Roger Sutton

I am not sexist!

Oh my giddy Aunt – Roger Sutton is sexist – what does this make me!

I have called everyone darling or dear as far back as I can remember.
Never once I have thought it to be patronizing or sexist.

I touch folk on the arm.

I admire a lovely dress.

I admire all Harley Davidsons and their owners. (usually men)

I speak to strangers with the word darling or dear popped in somewhere along the way.

When I bump into tourists I usually ask, “Are you darlings enjoying your holiday?”

“You are looking exceedingly handsome/beautiful today.” This greeting is for elderly friends who are inflicted with some terrible ailment.


“Oh darling you are so brave to bungy jump.”

“What a darling family you are.”

“I love your hair colour darling.”

These are a few examples of my inappropriate behaviour but I think you get the picture!

Does this make me a sexist or patronizing?

Has the world gone crazy?

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