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Dear Aunty S

My 32 year old son refuses to pay his Student Loan even though he has a huge income.
He lives a very frivolous lifestyle.

He does pay the $3000.00 minimum yearly payment.

He works overseas and has no intention of ever returning to New Zealand.

His reasoning is that he will inherit a lot of money from my parents when they die as he is the only grandchild and is the sole beneficiary, which means he can clear his debt.

My parents are seriously considering changing their Will as he never contacts them.
The last time he spoke to them was over 10 years ago.

I think they may have already done it and I will be the new beneficiary.

Even though we could afford to fund him at University we chose not to as he has always been irresponsible.

If he had showed any sign of maturity and responsibility while at University we would have stepped in financially though.

Sadly this didn’t happen.

What can I do to help make him grow up?



Aunty S Responds:

What a sensible mother you are my dear.

Hopefully your parents have changed their Will or are speeding to their Lawyer at this very moment as there is no time to waste.

The realization that there will be no ‘windfall’ may be the kick in both the backside and ego that he needs in order to grow up and take some responsibility for his life.

Furthermore he was given a student loan, not a student gift.

Some students fund their education by way of a student allowance and part-time work.

Others have their tertiary education paid for by their parents.

And then there are those who take out student loans.

The majority repays their loans.

There are a few who don’t; it’s all pretty basic.

Let me know how it works out.


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3 Responses to Ask Aunty S

  • Sad Mother:

    Good advice.
    My son partied his way through a student loan and it took him six years to get a degree that he will never use.
    He hates New Zealand as he too has to pay $3000 a year. He says he will never come back not even for a visit.

  • C.P.:

    I thought I was alone with my embarrassment over my son being so obsessed with not paying his student loan when all of our friends kids are determined to pay their loans before they settle down.
    Thanks I feel better now.

  • Barry:

    I have a friend whose qualification gained at a NZ university has opened the doors to a lucrative career.
    He has much wealth overseas and refuses to pay back his student loan as well.
    It disgusts me.