Life without Internet

What a 24 hours I have had!!!
No telephone and internet connection. Ah ah ah ah!!!!!!!
You may be wondering why.
Let me tell you why.
A bloke drove down the road in a height induced vehicle, hooked, and broke my telephone cable that hung across the road.
Did he stop and ask for my forgiveness for this violent act of accidental vandalism?
No he did not!
What did he do, I hear you ask.
This is what he did…absolutely nothing…he just tootled on his merry way…
I am expecting a dozen cream buns in my mailbox within the next twenty-four hours as way of an apology or I will be staring at your telephone pole with a deranged look in my eyes!
P.S. I hope you had a sleepless night worrying about Sandra’s inability to check the daily newspapers, weather updates, general gossip of overseas stars, Liam Neeson’s love life and more importantly, what if the end of this world occurred during this period of isolation from the world.
I would have been the last person to know and how would you have felt about that!!!

P.S.  Apparently a couple of you think that I am being seriously. I assure you that this is not the case as it is written as satire.
No worries though, I have contacted them and they have withdrawn their comments.

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15 Responses to Life without Internet

  • Mike:

    Love your tongue in cheek blog post. Only you would be this witty.
    Cheers Mike

  • Kate:

    Thanks Sandra you have made my day.

  • D.M.:

    Lol I needed this to brighten my day.

  • Steven:

    Was having a bad day until I read this. Very funny.

  • Paul:

    Nothing like a bit of satire to complete my day.

  • Amy:

    I hope you got your cream buns in the letter box!

  • M.N.:

    Still doing satire Sandra I see.
    Nice to see it’s under your own name, not a pseudonym!!
    Pretty obvious it is satire. How ridiculous someone took you seriously! If I wasn’t in Adelaide I would deliver the 12 cream buns to your door and expect a slice of your beer bread and cup of your dreadful coffee.

  • Pete Anderson:

    Spat my coffee out when I read this. Thanks for the laugh.
    If my internet was down for more than half a day, I would be climbing the telephone pole myself to fix the fault.
    Good restraint on your part.

  • D.B:

    Life without Internet for me would be impossible so I share your pain sister.
    My connection is so slow here in PNG but it is still a connection.

  • Rob:

    What someone took you seriously?
    I read quite a few blogs and there are some people who just post nasty comments all the time.
    Keep up the spoofing.
    Rob, WA

  • Diane:

    I am pleased to see you are getting back to your old style of writing Sandra.
    Time is what was needed.
    Love you to bits.
    Satire is Sandra. Remember the old days.

  • John & Sue:

    We love your blog.
    You are so real and now I feel guilty about my Grandma who had Alzheimer’s because we didn’t get it that she still was in there. Now we do.
    Our Mum now has it so we’ll be better the second time around.
    Also love the piece on the internet. We needed a laugh and got it.
    New Followers
    John & Sue

  • C.Wilson:

    You described how I felt when my phone line was down for a couple of weeks after a certain big earthquake.
    More wit please as I still need cheering up as I haven’t got a permanent roof over my head. Reading of your losses made me realize how insignificant that is and I hope you don’t think I’m whining.
    I would rather have no home and a husband than what you are going through.
    Stay strong and keep writing.

  • Nat P.:

    My Internet was down for a week up in Canterbury.
    I nearly went nuts. When it was reconnected, I had almost 100 emails.
    Our modern way of communication.
    My family and I enjoyed reading the satire account of your experience.

  • Shelley:

    Hi Sandra
    Remember me? Shelley from the old days of sand and surf.
    I found your blog after Dave told me your married name.
    Will be down your way over Xmas so will look you up.
    I see you still write. What not under a pseudonym now? And not so controversial I also see. Very Mumsy these days but still the black humour is there. xx