Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

When ever I ask my 13 year old daughter to help with jobs around the home, she yells and tells me I can’t make her do anything.

She then tells me she’ll phone the Police if I make her and tell them that she is being hit by me.

She has threatened this over twenty times.

It has not worried me in the past as I have never hit her but now the situation has changed.

Yesterday she picked up a board, whacked her leg with it, made a large mark, and taunted me with, “this is what I’ll show the Police if you don’t back off.”

I’m now really scared  as this doesn’t appear to be normal teenage rebellion.

She is a leader not a follower and I have seen her bully some of her friends over the years which I’ve always pulled her up on.
I’m afraid she has a nasty streak.
My husband keeps saying she’ll grow out of it and won’t talk to her.
What do I do as  I’m really  scared and heartbroken?


 Aunty S Responds:

My darling of course you are both scared and heartbroken.
Only an idiot wouldn’t be.

I’m so glad you have taken her threats seriously.

Book in a double or treble appointment with your Family GP and run as fast as you can to him and tell him what is going on.

If possible, secretly tape one of her outbursts before going so he can hear her in full flight.  (I have emailed you the details how this is best achieved and what equipment to use)

Your husband needs a boot up his backside for the lackadaisical approach to the situation.

Let me know how you get on.

rose border