Ask Aunty S

Dear Aunty S

My 12 year old daughter wants a horse.

She is accusing me of being a bad mother as her friend has one.

She had a pet lamb that she neglected.
She was into judo so I bought her all the kit and drove her a great distance to lessons but after only a month she quit. 
She demanded a guitar so I bought her one and once again drove her to lessons. 
She lasted two weeks.

I love my daughter but she is very lazy and her friend is not as she gets up early to muck out, feed and do all the things that have to be done before going to school.

How do I tell my daughter that she isn’t responsible enough for a horse yet?


Worried Mother


Aunty S Responds:

Little madam needs a reality check.

Ring her friend’s mother and ask if your daughter can stay with them over the next school holidays.

Make it very clear that you want your daughter to get up the same time as her friend and assist with all horsey duties.

At the end of the holidays you will know whether she has matured enough to take on such a responsibility of keeping a horse alive in her care.

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2 Responses to Ask Aunty S

  • Not so worried Mum now:

    I realise now I have indulged her too much and I’m part of the problem as saying no has never come easy for me.
    In two weeks time I will know whether she has matured enough to have a horse.
    Many thanks

  • Mary P.:

    School holidays are over and on the fourth day of the holidays my daughter was sick of getting up early to look after the horses with her friend so she came home.
    Thanks for your help as I could have caved and given her a horse.
    I will be back in touch.