Farewell Chappie

Our neighbour’s dog, Chappie, was hit by a car yesterday just a few hundred metres up the road.

He was determined to make his way home and was met by my son Sam who carried him on the last part of his journey.

Chappie retired from work after his master died last year and some thought he would die of a broken heart.

But he didn’t.

He went on to have a wonderful retirement.

He kept a close eye on his master’s wife, Molly, and had many a long walk in the Orchard either by himself or with the other farm dogs when his master’s daughter, Alice, would give them a run.

Her commands often reminded us of her Dad and would bring a smile to our faces.

Chappie would venture into my back yard to say Hi from time to time.

The day before he died, he stuck his head in the ranch-slider for a quick catch-up. “Hi Chappie, how you going?” were my last words to him.

He gave me his doggie grin,  “Just checking on you Sandra”.

After Alex died I was having a cry in the Orchard and Chappie came up to me and sat with me for about half an hour until I regained my composure.

He understood I was in pain and I returned the act of kindness after he lost his master.

Chappie was loyal to his family just like his master.

He had a look of “trust me”; just like his master.

He had a hobble; just like his master.

He was no fool; just like his master.

He didn’t take nonsense; just like his master.

But most of all he was very dear to all who knew him; just like his master.


Chappie – February 2013

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11 Responses to Farewell Chappie

  • Ben:

    Heart moving tribute to a friend. This is how I felt when I lost Major.
    Thanks Sandra.

  • Mike D:

    I agree with Ben.
    You put into words how I felt when Jack was killed.

  • D. Falconer:

    There is a pet cemetery in my State where we meet up with other mourning pet owners.
    Grieving for a pet is obviously not as painful as grieving for a person but comes in a close second.
    Thanks Sandra for expressing how you feel.

  • Andrea:

    Thanks for sharing this Sandra.
    Chappie reminds me of my old faithful dog, Snoopy.
    Just like Chappie he was loyal right up until the end.
    I miss him terribly and not a day goes by where I don’t think of him.


  • Rita M:

    My neighbour’s cat,Pippi, got run over by a car a couple of months ago. I cried for days because she was a beautiful white cat who loved everyone patting her.
    Every time I went to her house, Pippi would jump on my lap and go to sleep! Even now I feel sad knowing she is not there. My neighbour has decided not to get another cat as she feels it is a betrayal to Pippi.
    It is a great comfort to me reading this story, knowing I am not alone with my grief. I will come back here more often as I enjoy reading your blog.

  • Eileen T:

    Hi Sandra
    Thank you for your tribute to your neighbours dog.
    I remember when your dog Jack died and how sad I felt as he had been an important part of the Fruit Stall in the last few years before his death.
    My kids loved playing with him and patting your mini horse.
    Hazel the pig was also such a draw card.
    We all have such happy memories of your place.
    I still wish we hadn’t moved so far away as fruit up here isn’t as good as yours.

  • Colleen:

    Sandra…..thank you for paying such a wonderful tribute to Chappie as we all loved him dearly and it was another piece of our dear Dad gone when he left us on Saturday. I know him and Dad will be together once again bringing the sheep down off the hill……infact I think if we listen carefully we can hear the colourful commands Chappie responded to. He loved Dad dearly and we really didn’t think his broken heart would mend when Dad passed away as for months and months he would follow every desiel truck up the lane in the hope his master would climb out of truck. Nine beautiful pups by Chappie were born two days before Chappie was hit and every single one of them looks like their Dad Chappie. Goodbye Chappie, we all miss you so very much, take good care of yourself and Dad until we meet again.

  • Claire:

    My husband had a black lab called Bob. When my husband died, Bob never left my side. He watched everything I did and went everywhere with me.
    I tripped over him many times and sometimes I would get frustrated but then I realised he was in terrible pain with his grief just as much as me. Appreciate what you wrote – it has helped me out.

  • Rob & Chook:

    OMG how sad. It won’t be the same going to the Parker residence with out Chappie. Our thoughts are with you Parker family. Two great mates are together again.

  • Pat:

    I lost my mother a year ago and recently her Scottish terrier who I inherited passed away. Reading your post about Chappie has made me realize that grief for an animal is acceptable and shouldn’t be an embarrassment.
    Little Scottie grieved terribly for my Mum and would cry his heart out when Dr Phil came on TV as they used to watch it together.
    Thanks Sandra

  • Lorraine:

    What a beautiful tribute, tears as I read. Animals are part of our lives, then they become members of our families.