Memory Lane

The last time I painted the tongue and groove in the hallway of our home, was 16 years ago when Sam was 5 years old and Ruby was 3.
It was the end of March when the Fruit Stall wasn’t so busy and I decided it was a quiet enough day to absent myself from the Stall so Sam and Ruby took over watch of the Stall whilst I set about my painting task.  
They were so proud being given such a responsibility and every time a car would hit the gravel at the end of our driveway, they would fly back to the house via the back lawn track yelling, “Customer Mum.” 
They beamed with excitement.
I was interrupted many many times, much to the delight of Sam and Ruby, as their importance grew more and more throughout the day.
Well this weekend, Sam painted it all over again and I wonder where the time has gone!!
He remembered very clearly keeping watch of the Stall and playing with Ruby in the sandpit, which was located just outside the Stall door, whilst on watch.
I actually had forgotten that detail.
Alex was picking in the Orchard and each time he delivered fruit back to the Stall, they would relay to him the number of customers that had been in.
Such wonderful memories for us all.
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