At 4am I leapt out of bed as I was rudely awoken by a crash in the front garden.

I grabbed a torch and opened the side door and guess what greeted me. SNOW!  The biggest dump of snow I’ve seen in many a year.

I found Ruby’s gumboots and ventured out into the white stuff to see what the noise was all about.  Thankfully it wasn’t a snow laden branch crashing down but a large dollop of snow had fallen from a branch on the almond tree onto the ferret trap, setting it off.

By 7:30am  there was enough light to see exactly how much snow had actually fallen.

The Benger Mountain Range is completely covered and snow has completely blanketed the  gardens and orchard.

Sam and Ruby have inherited my love of photography so they were out the door at first light and captured many excellent images.

Aunty Belle assured me she would watch the snow through the window and glass door in the lounge from the safety of her chair.  Absolutely no interest in venturing outside.  I didn’t raise a fool!

Only us three idiots were traipsing around outside!

I spent an hour or so knocking snow off my young trees in the garden which are now bent over from the weight of the snow.


It’s now 2:30pm and the snow has been coming and going all day.

The temperature has reached 1 degree.

Yahoo…a heat wave!


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