Frost Fighting

On Monday night the temperature dropped dramatically at midnight and we assumed the worst but were fortunate as the temperature danced all over the place for a few hours.

However at 6am it dropped very quickly to -2C in the coldest spot hence Sam cranked up the sprinklers and it was all go for two hours until the temperature rose to above freezing.

The Early Ril apricot blossoms are all out as are the Sundrops.

The Moorparks and the rest of the apricots will be out during the next week.

Season after season I am continually amazed at the beauty of blossoms.

Isn’t nature just lovely!

IMG_2331 IMG_2366



Sam is pruning the plums at present and once he finishes them, he will start on the apples.

Ruby is busy with the tunnel houses and gardens.

Aunty Belle has her comfy chair parked beside wherever Ruby is working for a good part of the day when it’s warm enough.
She has her laptop, swingball and art materials so she leads a very busy life!

With Sam working further out in the Orchard, she spies on him with her binoculars and is so joyful when she catches a glimpse of him.

How my little Belle loves her younger sister and brother and they love her.

How lucky I am to have such a wonderful content bunch.

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