Childhood Memories

Blast….if we don’t get some cold days and nights soon,  frost-fighting will commence in a week or two, which is ridiculously early hence our frost-fighting tractor, Myrtle, was serviced a couple of days ago in preparation for the hard slog ahead of her.

On the subject of hard work, I am starting to well and truly look my age.  Not that I am complaining. I am happy to be 58 years of age and slightly weather beaten, as many of my friends did not make it to 58 years.  Sam says it’s not weather-beaten, it’s “weather kicked the daylights out of me” look.   My boy is very witty!!

With this unseasonal weather, my garden hasn’t been effected by the winter shutdown as yet.   My wondrous Chinese Lanterns are still in bloom, which is very unusual for this time of the year.  Obviously they will die back once the spring frosts arrive which will be any day.

My garden of 22 years is hidden behind trees, hedges and fences so is a wonderful private Retreat. It has seen many a customer/friend enjoy their picnic lunch in the grounds during the Fruit Season.

The design has changed often through out this time but has never lost its peaceful touch.

A garden is one of the most important gifts a mother can give her children.

As a child I would play for hours in my mothers garden with my little truck, boat and two bears.  I dug an old bucket into the garden and filled it with water so my boat had somewhere to float.  My tiny plastic bears, which I rescued from Skippy cornflakes packets moments before they smothered to death, loved sunbathing on the deck of the boat.

When they weren’t on their boat, they would rest in the little twig house I made them which was tucked under a snap dragon plant.   Or they would take a spin in their truck along the roads I made through the garden.  Shells from the local beach lined the road so they didn’t have to worry about the truck getting stuck in the dirt. I was very a considerate bear owner; I took my responsibilities very seriously.

My bear friends gave me so much pleasure and were the inspiration for my childhood prolific fantasy writings.

When I left home I packed them in a box; with breathe holes; with other childhood treasures but sadly the box was thrown away, as was my boxes and boxes of stories all lovingly bound with wool, when my old bedroom was cleaned out to make way for visitors.

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2 Responses to Childhood Memories

  • Annette Rundle:

    Morning Sandra – loved your sharing about your mothers garden. It brings to me the truth that it’s our memories that we store and carry through life that are the most important things in our passage through time. No bears or toys from your box to look at or touch – that is a sadness. But no memories like the ones you’ve just shared and brightened up my day with – that’s one of God’s given gifts and I say thank you.

  • Marie:

    I remember those bears!!!
    I had a red one! He didn’t have adventures like your ones though. He just sat proudly on my chest of drawers.
    Good memories.