Ask Aunty S

Dear Aunty S

I am having trouble with my daughter.

She is out of control and has lots of boyfriends.

She is out nearly every Saturday night.

How do I make her grow up and act responsible?

I believe she is going through a second childhood, as she is 69 years of age.

How can I help her?


Aunty S Responds:

I thought this was a hoax letter until I rang the number.

Remember never give your phone number or send photos when you are writing anonymously.

By the way your daughter looks gorgeous for her age and what can I say my darling?   She obviously gets her looks from you.

And please tell me the name of the moisturizer she uses!!!!

I am 58 years of age, with 59 creeping up on me fast so I will need a truckload of it very shortly.

Now on a serious note; do not panic about her boyfriends.

It must be very lonely for you when she goes out, as you were both widowed within a short space of time of each other and your wonderful relationship has pulled you both through this dreadful thing called grief, so of course you feel lonely.  Only natural.

But the next time she goes out, ask a friend to come around for the evening where you can watch funny videos and eat chocolate.

I have found through personal experience, chocolate is a wonderful medicine for loneliness, happiness, sadness, grief, sore knees etc.

Keep in touch my darling.