Ask Aunty S

Dear Aunty S

My friends have turned on me.

They say I’m boring now that I have decided not to drink and do other stuff with them.

My Doctor told me that I probably would be dead by thirty if I didn’t change my ways.

My friends keep saying that we have to die of something.

I need help.  I really want them back because I’m so lonely.


Aunty S Responds:

My darling girl…you want to be friends with people like that!

Of course you feel alone.  You have invested so much time and energy into the role of wanting to be accepted by pond scum like them.

Run, don’t look back.

Don’t be afraid, you will make new friends.

The added information that you provided tells me that you work with really nice young folk.

Now that you are away from the rough crowd, you will be surprised as to how fast you will make healthy new friendships.

At any age we can make wrong friendship choices.

Backbone is what is needed to walk away from pond scum like them.

Keep in touch via my email or phone my dear.

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