Ask Aunty S

Dear Aunty S

My 21 year old daughter will not cook and refuses to learn how too.

I have spoilt her throughout the years as she whines when I ask her to do something so it is easier to do it myself.

She says that when she lives with someone or marries, all the food they will ever need is at the supermarket in the deli, bakery and frozen foods aisles.

What can I do to help her grow up?


Aunty S Responds:

A friend’s daughter was just as belligerent as yours.

My friend casually mentioned one day that she didn’t like a certain cooking show on TV, knowing full well that her daughter would rise to the cooking show’s defense because she would always do the opposite to her mother.

The ploy worked hence her daughter became a great cook and still tells everyone who will listen that she learnt to cook by watching Allison Holst because her mother wouldn’t teach her!!!

The daughter is still a dreadful person but can she cook!

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