“There is no value judgement

more important to man –

no factor more decisive in

his psychological development

and motivation – than the estimate

he passes on himself.”

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2 Responses to Wisdom

  • Mike N:

    This is your version of Facebook but only better as I’m not bombarded with rubbish via my newsfeed. As if I want to know they have baked a cake, walked the cat, gone shopping, spent a thousand dollars on a pair of shoes PLEASE There is a thing called a life. And don’t get me going on Farmville. Grow a packet of seeds in your garden, milk a neighbours goat, do something with your life.
    Keep on writing Sandra and I’ll keep on reading.
    Mike N.

  • Bob M:

    Hi Sandra
    I agree with Mike. Far better than facebook. I have shut down my page as I recently wrote about the death of a friend too and I had 12 friends ‘like.’ I would have expected a sympathy comment or two but ‘likes!’
    You have inspired me to start my own blog and I have sent you a link to it. My wife and I will be popping in to see you and your family when we are down Central next.