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Dear Aunty S


My son fathered a child when he was twenty years old.

The girl involved moved away with her parents and now fifteen years later the mother and her daughter have moved back into our town and the girl is attending the same school as his children. They all look very similar so the connection will be made soon as everyone knew my son and the mother were going together for quite a long time.

His wife asked him whether he was the father many years ago after she heard rumours but he denied paternity and she believed him.

This woman should never have brought this girl back into our town and I believe she is here to make trouble.

How does he tell his wife and make her realize he was trying to protect her?



Aunty S responds:



I am not a fan of lies, deception and family secrets as they have a way of hurting innocent folk such as your daughter-in-law, as in this case, when exposed.

With the added information supplied, you should be proud of the way the mother of your eldest granddaughter has worked and cared for her throughout these years with absolutely no emotional or financial support from your son and she has every reason to move back to her home town so your theory she has done this to make trouble sounds rather far-fetched to me.

Now back to your son; at the end of the day, your son lied to his wife.

He did not lie to protect her; he lied to protect himself.

Your son should be thoroughly ashamed of himself for denying paternity and he better hope and pray his wife forgives him as she will obviously be devastated to find out she has been lied too.

Give your son a boot up his bottom if he drags his heels in telling her; for along with his wife there are precious young people caught up in his deceit and they need to hear from him and him alone that they have an older sister not from anybody else. They are going to have many questions and he needs to be honest with them.

No time to shilly-shally!

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