More on Bullying 3 – 19 March

Some common characteristics that most bullies share:

A bully has a need to control and dominate others

A bully has an extremely jealous personality

A bully is a compulsive liar

A bully lacks empathy but is able to mimic it when trying to manipulate someone

A bully is quick tempered, impulsive and prone to mood swings

A bully is highly manipulative

A bully enjoys spreading lies, rumours, hurtful gossip or innuendo

A bully thrives on yelling, name-calling, mocking, insulting or ridiculing

A bully will use physical gestures to intimidate or threaten

A bully uses aggressive posturing

A bully disguises true intentions and emotions

A bully intimidates through verbal aggression

A bully in a work place situation tend to undermine all other   workers to look good in the eyes of management

A bully intentionally intimidates their target

A bully will goad their target/victim

A bully has the need to feel powerful and in control

A bully has the need for attention.

A bully has the need to feel superior

A bully will use social media to spread their lies

A bully is quick to feel anger and aggression

A bully enjoys inflicting pain and suffering

A bully fears being exposed publicly

A bully will bluster when caught out on a lie but will recover quickly

A female bully is always vain and shallow


Sadly there are many more characteristics but this is enough for now.

Never underestimate the power of a bully and never assume their victims are weak as this is wrong.

By the time a victim has found out what is going on behind their back in the public arena, the bullying campaign is well under way.

It’s very common the first they know of it, is by one of the bully’s bystanders/followers, hissing something at them.

A bully must isolate their victim quickly; before they discover what’s going on; to gain the upper hand.

It is a frightening situation to be in whether you are twenty or sixty.

The shock that someone can lie about you is quite soul destroying but once you understand the ‘working mind of a bully’ it is much easier to deal with.

Next time I will talk about ways to combat a bully.

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