Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

My son drinks and drives just like his father and I am exhausted in trying to stop them.

It is coming up to Xmas, which means they both will be attending more parties so they’ll be way out of control.
Both their vehicles have dents from previous minor crashes, which they laugh about.

Do you have any advice as to how I can make them see sense?


Aunty S responds

When all else fails, I recommend each and every time a quiet, confidential word in the local Policeman’s ear as to when they will be on the road after a drinking session.

I admire the Country Publicans of today who provide a Courtesy Coach but of course hard-core drink drivers like your son and husband bypass the Pubs and meet at friends’ houses to socialize.

You are a very strong woman to put up with this nonsense.

I wish you well my dear.

Keep me posted.

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