Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

My brother drives drunk all the time and our mother says her husband, our father, did it all the time too and never got caught.

How do I get through to them that it’s not the getting caught part they should worry about, but the killing of some innocent person on the road.

By chance I followed him home the other night and he was all over the road.


Aunty S responds

How sad this mentality is still out there and what a good brother you are for being so disgusted.

You obviously can’t get through to your mother so I would ring the local Policeman and let him know when your brother is likely to be driving drunk again.
Your family never need know it was you who reported him, as the Police know how to be discreet in situations like this.

If you remain silent, think of the guilt you would have to endure if he does kill or maim someone.

Keep strong and keep me posted.

rose border