Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

My mother was widowed recently and she drives my late fathers Falcon which is too powerful for her. She is middle-aged in her fifties and has never driven a large car in her life and now realizes it wasn’t a good idea.

What is a good old lady car as I have no idea about cars and my husband is disinterested?

I can spend up to $30,000 on a new vehicle.


Aunty S responds

You are a wonderful daughter thinking of both her safety and the safety of others.

I talked to my car dealer friend and he recommended either a Nissan Pulsar Hatch, Nissan Juke ST, Ford Trend Hatch or a Subaru Impreza X which is also a hatchback, as they are easy to drive, making them ideal for both the young or old and furthermore they are all within your price range.

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