My twenty-third Wedding Anniversary is tomorrow with my 60th the very next day.

Both sadness and happiness have descended me as I wish Alex was here but happiness as I have the most wonderful family in the whole world.

Because of my mixed emotions, I asked Sam and Ruby if I could have a quiet weekend as I figured they had something planned.

They understood but I knew by the look they gave each other they were not going to let the weekend pass without some sort of fanfare.

And I was right……the past two weeks has seen numerous packages arriving via Andy our Rural Mailman.
He must be well and truly over rocking up our driveway when he couldn’t fit said packages in the letterbox.

And then late this afternoon Ruby asks if I could pick up a wee package from Pinder Motors as Pat from Transworld was dropping off said wee package!

Oh yes Ruby it was wee!!

The most glorious bunch of pink, red and white flowers from Stems Florist in Alexandra was awaiting me.

This of course was given to me early but the rest I shall receive on Sunday.
A parcel from our darling friend Katrina also arrived today addressed to Ruby which I am guessing is for me as Ruby whisked it out of my hands very quickly.
Good hand movement Ruby!

So much has happened today.

Thanks to Linda and ‘Thunder birds are go’ for the card.
I smiled all afternoon.
You are a wonderful family and that goes for the oldies too.

I’m already in bed so tomorrow I will post a photo of my flowers.


Ruby and Mum


Sam and Mum



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