Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

My son’s girlfriend has told me not to visit as my son doesn’t like me but doesn’t want to tell me so.
I cried for days until I told my other children and discovered she had told them to stay away as well using the same reason.
We know it’s a lie as we are a close family.
Our son/brother has been asking us what’s wrong because we don’t visit and we’ve all evaded the question because we don’t want to upset him further as he really loves this girl.
She moved in with him after three weeks of knowing him and he’s never had a live in relationship before. I know we have to tell him the truth before she destroys him and our family but how do we go about it?

Aunty S responds

This is more common than you think my dear.
She is a very manipulative girl who needs to grow up but from experience these kind usually don’t as they live for drama.
She needs to be exposed.
And your son has a right to know what she’s up too. He has lived with madam for five minutes so isn’t too emotionally tangled up with her as yet so strike now and tell him.
Call a family meeting, excluding the little witch, and calmly tell him what she has said to each of you and then apologize to him for not telling him sooner.
Of course he will be broken hearted but he’ll get over it with the love and support from you all.

rose border