More on Beer Bread

I have been asked again as to which is the best beer to use for Beer Bread.

Classic Steinlager is what I have great success with but I use Pure Steinlager these days as well. It all depends which brand is on special! Although there are some brands I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot barge pole as they taint the bread in my opinion! Stick to the Steinies, you can’t go wrong.

And if Great Aunt Mabel assumes because you have a pile of empties at your backdoor you have turned to the demon drink, explain it’s for bread and if she argues, cut her a slice, butter it and throw on a hunk of cheese, slices of pickled onion and salami.
Trust me she will be won over and will never assume again you are drinking the stuff.
Hey not that it would be a crime if you were!

She will be racing down to Super Value for her dozen of booze so she can prove she can make an even better loaf of bread. Yahoo ..bring it on…

rose border