More on Grief

Grief affects folk in many different ways and the way it really affected me was by taking away my writing creativity.

Words no longer flowed.

I was stifled by grief.

I wasn’t depressed; just sad in my grief for my husband of twenty years.

Paper and pen (MacBook) was cast aside in the hope that my creative juices would flow if I wasn’t constantly picking up the damn machine.

Then blow me down; my Mum died eleven weeks after Alex.

Doubtless to say this helped contribute to my soulless writing even further.

Then unbeknown to me, Sam and Ruby designed a ‘blog’ for me over a year ago and they then proceeded to tell me that I needed to get back up on the horse.

As this horse had well and truly bolted in my mind, just to humour them and to keep the peace I obliged, after first asking, “So what’s a blog kids?”

Today I am still stumbling along but feel closer to my old self more and more as each week passes.

Thanks kids; I love you.




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