Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

My husband has taken a position in a ghastly small town without telling me and I don’t want to sell up and move as I could think of nothing worse than living in the country as I am a city girl.
I have lived in this house for twelve years and my gardens are exquisite as gardening is my second love after my family.

He says he is tired of working long hours to pay off our mortgages and wants to spend more time with the children and me.

He didn’t expect my negative reaction as he thought I’d be happy as our financial situation especially would drastically improve so now he is sad whilst I am angry.

I agree things have to change but not as drastic as moving us to the country.

Am I being unreasonable?


Aunty S responds

I am a country girl and could think of nothing worse than living in a city or a small town!

How about a compromise?

As your city home is a garden paradise, I checked out this small town, which by the way isn’t ghastly, and it so happens that there is a gorgeous house for sale set in a fantastic garden setting on the outskirts and it comes with a pool and a spa. The local school has an excellent reputation and is only a walk away.

You will be mortgage free and think of how this factor will impact positively on your lives.

I have sent you the details of the house.


Of course your husband should have told you how much he desperately wanted to escape the ‘mortgage drowning trap’ but he didn’t and now you must keep positive and show your kids you are willing to adapt to the changes that have been thrust upon you all.

Remember always his intentions were admirable as all he wanted was more family time and the mortgage noose around his neck, loosened.

You are a lucky girl my darling so count your blessings.

Hug him tight and reassure him that everything will be okay.

We are the stronger sex my dear.

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