Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

My eighteen year old daughter is obsessed with Facebook selfies.

I would like your opinion so have attached some of them.

Her main theme is a sexy sultry seductive look in all states of undress.

We live in a small town and many have commented to me about by daughter’s online behaviour. My husband and I are sick with embarrassment and shame as she was brought up in a respectable family environment.

She is also belligerent and drinks to the excess during weekends.

She tells my husband and I to butt out of her life and says she can’t wait to leave at the beginning of next year for University and if we don’t shut up she will go to live with her friend as her friend’s mother has invited her to stay.

We don’t want to give up on her but are exhausted by her behaviour so your advice would be appreciated.


Aunty S responds:

Oh my dear girl.

What a resilient family you are to cope with such a wayward eighteen year old. She sounds like an immature thirteen year old!!

Tough love is needed in this situation as the information I have suppressed shows you have gone the extra mile.

If her friend’s mother will allow her to live with them until University starts, let her go.

Negotiate a board payment and cut it off when she leaves school later this year. You live in an area where there is work available during the school holidays so she won’t be destitute.

Remember if at any time she accepts her behaviour is unreasonable and apologizes, allow her home.

Now onto the Facebook selfies.

They are disgusting! No other way to describe them.

If she was looking for work in the sex industry (which she isn’t) whether it be prostitution or stripping, these photos would have her hired in a heartbeat!

If she was my daughter, I would probably weep with shame and lock myself in the broom cupboard for a week, only coming out for bathroom visits during the wee dark hours so you have every right to feel the way you do. Trust me you are not overreacting.

Don’t allow her to bully you any further.

Keep in touch my darling.

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