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askauntys2Dear Aunty S

My father wants to buy a Mercedes but my brother won’t let him as he says it is his inheritance he’s wasting. He is so cruel to Dad and has already taken valuable ornaments out of his house, which he says, Mum left to him even though we know this isn’t so.

He has Enduring power of Attorney over my Dad so my Dad feels he should do as he says.

My father is very upset as he has his heart set on this car because just before Mum died they’d chosen it together so they would have a reliable solid vehicle to tour the country in. He still wants to go ahead with their plan as we have relatives all over the country in both Islands. He has asked me to go with him, which has infuriated my brother even further.

Dad is sixty-seven and in good health but is grief stricken for Mum. He would never have taken this nonsense from my brother when Mum was alive.

Should I intervene?


Aunty S responds:

Of course you must intervene.

But first off your father must cancel the Enduring Power of Attorney.

He is of sound mind with no health issues and your brother is bullying him needlessly. Sadly I have heard this same kind of story many times.

How dare he dictate to your father as to what he can buy with his own money! He is a jumped up little sod.

Defend your Dad.

And as he is in good health and only sixty-seven, your brother may have to wait quite a while for the loot!

Take your Dad car shopping as soon as possible so he can fulfill his and your mothers dream and enjoy your holiday together my darling.

You are a wonderful daughter.

Keep me posted.

P.S. Make sure you visit the Zoo when in Auckland and just before you hit Whakatane, stop off at the Awakeri Hot Pools. Remember take your togs!

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