Give Me a Break!

Why would anyone want to put a nude photo of herself on a phone or a computer?

Who exactly is their target audience?

Isn’t it a wee bit narcissistic?

Is it for a show and tell?

Oh goodness I feel so old.

We used to call this kind of behaviour vulgar?

Is it so acceptable that nobody is shocked?

This worries me.

I thought ‘selfies’ were bad enough but nude selfies.

Oh give me a break.

I could possibly understand some pimply faced 15 year old doing it as a dare and then Dad finding out and humiliating him/her by having a print made and sticking it on the fridge for all to see to shock some sense into him/her.

But look at the age group of these idiots?

They should be ashamed of themselves and where are the apologies from them to their fan base?

They are only famous because folk pay to watch or listen to them!!

Youth is  fleeting but immaturity is forever.

End of bleat.

Over and out.

rose border