30 August

Yesterday was gorgeous.

The sky was blue, the day was warm and Katrina and Brett came for a visit.

As Sam was finishing off the painting of the house that very morning, Brett was roped in to steady the ladder as Sam clambered up to the last rung to paint the highest most awkward part of the house.
Ruby is too much of a lightweight to steady said ladder and I too old to be clambering around inside the garden area where the ladder was positioned.

It may have taken over two years to decide on a house colour but this lengthy indecisive period has paid off.

The house looks fabulous!

As the window frames are black we narrowed it down to “dozens of shades of grey and brown” eventually deciding on Resene Triple Arrowtown, which actually was our first choice two years ago!!

In the afternoon we sat in the front garden reminiscing of years gone by under the warmth of the sun and admiring the new look Hobbs Family Home, looking ever so grand with its new coat of paint.

rose border