Old Friends

Living only two kilometres off the State Highway and with this being the main route from Dunedin to Queenstown/Wanaka/Haast, we often have folk pop in for a cup of tea.

Whether it be a fleeting or lengthy visit it is always nice to catch up with friends.

Yesterday an old friend popped in and for the first time since Alex’s death, I could reminisce without the overwhelming sadness that used to prevail.

Of course we will miss Alex forever but time has now given us an acceptance of his death and we can smile and laugh about old times.

There will be tears occasionally but this is to be expected, as we were married for over twenty years and naturally a huge amount of wonderful memories  were made during this time. Thankfully we have photos to record so many of them.

Shortly after his death an elderly widow customer told me of how she felt so cheated when her husband was accidently killed four years into their marriage. She went on to say how she wished she’d had twenty years and all the memories that went with those years…..words that helped me immensely even though I felt so sad for her as she was indeed cheated.

Sam found the following photos last night , which shows “time does indeed go by fast, Ross.”


ross gordon hobbs orchard sandra hobbs

Ross; reflecting on life in our back garden. 1994.


Ross & Trudy gordon, Sandra, Sam and Ruby Hobbs

Ross & Trudy Gordon; Sandra, Sam & Ruby Hobbs. 1997



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