21 July

We awoke to a good dumping of snow on the Mt. Benger Range.

It’s 3.8 degrees at present so not too cold  BUT the wind chill is a different matter so I won’t be venturing outside anytime soon.

Sam is hard at work but he’s young and fit so he has an obvious advantage.

Ruby is in the tunnel house preparing seed trays for sowing.

Of course Belle and I are with them in spirit!!!!

And I forwarded the Birthday Wishes to Sam’ email so I’m sure you’ve all caught up with each other by now.
What a surprise to hear from you Steve as we lost touch when your family moved away many years ago.
Of course I will never forget you and I’m glad you have such wonderful childhood memories of us and the Orchard.
Your favourite chocolate cake is baked by Ruby these days; there will always be a slice waiting for you, and of course this is where you became hooked on Beer Bread.
You and Sam loved the frothing as you poured the beer into the flour mixture.
Oh gosh I’m walking down memory lane once again and it’s a wonderful feeling.





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