Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

I am overweight and have tried all diets but nothing works.

The Doctor has told me I’ll soon be a diabetic if changes aren’t made to my eating habits.

Can you help as I’m determined this time to get the weight off but don’t know where to start?

The photo of me was taken last week so you can see exactly how big I am.


Aunty S responds

My darling girl what a battle you are having.

I will be your ‘email support person’ and don’t you worry this time the diet will work.

You are a beautiful girl who has just lost her way in the food aisle of life.

I will teach you how to shop correctly and which aisles to stay out of!!

The fact that you love fruit and veges is such a bonus as all meals will revolve around them.


I took a while to edit this for publication so I am pleased to report that this gorgeous girl has already lost a stone during the first month of  ‘eating well ’ and she looks absolutely fabulous!!!!

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