Ask Aunty S


Dear Aunty S

My son is overweight and won’t do anything about it.

He’s fourteen, lives on biscuits, chocolate, and chips and has frozen fried hash browns or frozen chips and fried chicken every night for tea.

He insists on deep fried food and won’t eat anything else.

Our other children are of a normal weight but they enjoy farm life while our son hates it.

He has a high cholesterol level and is borderline diabetic.

My husband says I am too soft on him but I feel he is too hard.

What can I do?


Aunty S responds:

Oh my giddy Aunt.

Are you having me on???

He either eats what the family eats or starves and I can assure you he won’t starve.

You are raising a self-indulgent defiant boy who will end up growing up into a horrible man if you don’t make changes now.

And you are very fortunate to  live in a part of the country with no Dairy or Take-away shop so  there is no worry of him sneaky eating during  weekends.

Every school day check his bag to ensure he hasn’t stocked up on rubbish whilst at school.

For the life of me I can’t work out why you have a deep fryer in your kitchen as they are an unhealthy relic of days gone by.

Please cut the cord off it and stick a plant in it.

As you do the shopping  once a month…..don’t put biscuits, chocolate, chips, frozen hash browns, frozen chips etc in the trolley.

You have enabled him for so long so of course it’s going to be a difficult journey weaning him off rubbish but he’s worth it.

When you have calmed down after reading my response,  do contact me if you need support…I am only an email away my dear.

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